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UAE Business Registration options

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Setting up a business in UAE has 6 incorporation types.

1. General partnership-This type of company incorporation in Dubai is available to UAE nationals only.

2. Limited partnership- This type of company incorporation in the UAE is also known as Partnership in Commendams and It is made up of two types of partners: General partnership and Limited partnership

3. Public shareholding company- This type of shareholding allows for the most number of participants or shareholders.

4. Private shareholding company- Similar to a public shareholding company, a private shareholding company is required to have no less than 3 shareholders. Its minimum capital is set at AED 2 million.

5. Limited liability company- This type of company incorporation in Dubai is widely used in the UAE. It can be set up by at least 2 but not more than 50 persons.

6. Joint venture- A joint venture is formed by two or more legal entities or natural persons.