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Renting your first office space can be an exciting turning point for your business in UAE. But choosing just any office would be a mistake. You need to make sure that your office is one that will support your team and allow you to grow. You also have to keep clients in mind when choosing a location. Is the office building you’re considering easily accessible from freeways or public transportation? Will they be able to find it easily?

Think About What Amenities You Want Nearby
Another factor when renting your first office space that could impact your location decision is the nearby amenities. Your team will likely appreciate an office that’s at least somewhat close to restaurants and coffee shops. And if there are certain places you need to visit regularly for business purposes, like meeting spaces or banks, you’ll want those to be nearby as well.

Have a Strict Budget in Mind
After location, cost is likely your next big concern. Don’t choose an office that is going to put your business too far into debt and stunt its growth. Crunch the numbers before you even start looking to find a budget that will allow you to operate comfortably.

Account for Extra Expenses
There are a lot of expenses that go into renting an office space. The actual rent is just part of it, when it comes to most properties. And those extra expenses can really add up if you don’t account for them in your original budget.