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Market Study

Market study

We offer different steps for Market Studies: Overview of the selected market, information regarding competition, prices, promotion and potential distribution of your products / services. We have also the possibilities of analysis any market regulations and the steps required for any approvals. In addition, we have services to assist you locally in case you plan a local visit. We then provide with a selection of 10 potential interested contacts that we can visit together.

We offer also services such as Distributor/Business Partner search.

Market Survey Types

Market Profiling–Segmentation

Directed at identifying who the customers are, who they are not, and why they are or are not your customers. This is often a descriptive market segmentation and market share analysis.

Customer Intention–Purchase Analysis

Customer motivation to move from interest in the product to actual purchase. Key to understanding customer conversion, commitment, and loyalty.

New Product Concept Analysis

Concept test studies are appropriate in the initial screening of new product concepts. Likes and dislikes about the concept and evaluation of acceptability and likelihood of purchase are especially useful measures.

Habits and Uses

Understanding usage situations, including how, when and where the product is used. May include a real or virtual pantry audit.

Product Positioning (Competitive Market Position)

Product positioning analyses are for comparisons of a product or brand relative to the competition. These comparisons or “competitive positioning” analyses often compare the attributes and benefits that make up the product. The analysis associated with this type of study is often a multidimensional preference analysis (Multidimensional Scaling).

Product positioning analyses are sometimes termed “Best Practices” studies and focus on the question of “How does the market view us relative to the competition?”

Brand Equity Analysis

What is psychological value that a brand holds in the marketplace? A composite of brand awareness, brand quality, brand associations and brand loyalty measures.

Price Setting Surveys and Elasticity of Demand Analysis

Estimates of demand elasticity, optimal price points, and prices too low or too high. Estimates for different product-service segments or usage situations.