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Commercial Agent

The commercial agent is an independent consultant(s) that have no subordinate relationship with the company that hires him. This point sometimes chills some companies who fear that the commercial agent, by its methods of work, can affect their image. The commercial agent and the company work in a common interest. The more the sales agent develops the turnover of the company, the more commissions he will receive. This ensures the company not only that the sales agent will work to retain his customer, but also that he will work to develop new customer database.

The main advantages for a company to work with commercial agent are:
  • Sales force at a lower cost
  • Get acquainted with a new clients
  • To develop its turnover
  • Presence in the market locally

In terms of developing its revenues (commissions), the commercial agent has every interest in maintaining or even improving the quality of the products or services that he distributes. Again the corporate agent and the commercial agent make common front.

The commercial agent is generally an experienced salesperson, already familiar with the product or service that he wants to distribute as well as the clients to be targeted locally.

Moreover, commercial agents often have a client portfolio. This is logical because the commercial agent is an independent person whose income depends solely on the success of his work.

This is also a major asset for a company that wants to develop new markets without additional investment.

Benefits for the company:
  • Savings in training costs (both commercial and technical)
  • Existing commercial agent’s client portfolio

Additional advantages:
  • The problems of hiring and managing an employee

TTE Gulf can help to represent TTE Gulf’s clients who do not wish to establish a company or to find a distributor. We can promote their brand, boost their network and explore locally for them.