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Bank Account Opening

Dubai highly-developed bank and financial systems comply with the modern standards and customer requirements, when you should open a bank account in Dubai. The UAE financial institutes have been acknowledged globally and have obtained a perfect reputation in respect to the services they offer.

This is very important to understand the procedure of bank account opening for a corporate use, as it varies from bank to bank.

All the standard banking services are offered by UAE banks, including: cheque clearance, standing orders, direct debits and credit card repayments.

A certain number of transactions per year are usually free, after which there might be a charge levied, usually at the discretion of the bank manager. Charges vary between banks.

Some of UAE Local Banks:

Most of the people who are interested in UAE bank account opening generally opt for online banking system.

The online banking system is very attractive for those companies who have international business transactions and would like to transfer funds from one account to another worldwide.

Moreover, it is important to mention, that online banking system of UAE is extremely secured method to do business transactions and protect its clients from fraud schemes.