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Advantages of UAE Mainland Company Registration

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Depending on your business to open, activities and location, here are some key points or advantages in company formation in Mainland.

There are two options for business setup in UAE: Article 1

  • It allows to conduct business in all UAE – Having business in the Mainland, you are able to trade with other businesses anywhere in UAE with no restrictions.
  • Wide range of license types as well as activities are available- Unlike in some Free zones, you are only allowed for certain business activities depending on the location.
  • Mainland company setup in UAE has flexibility to rent office everywhere-If your business is in Mainland, you can easily build your presence in UAE as you are allowed to open multiple branches of your company.
  • Can directly trade with government contracts-To maximize your business with government, having company in Mainland is a significant factor as Free zone companies in the UAE are not allowed to deal with government contracts.